Academic Programs

BIOS offers the following pathway available for students to pursue their education goals.

Pastoral Ministry Certificate – this certificate is available through in-class studies at our Fall City, WA site.  The certificate program is 75 credits and includes competencies related to building biblical theology and doing theology in culture, particularly by those in ministry with responsibility extending beyond the local church level.

BIOS coursework also meets the ministry Licensure and Ordination Credentials through the Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA) denomination.  You can earn your Bachelor or Certificate and meet the district and national requirements to be licensed and ordained simultaneously.

Throughout your education at BIOS, you’ll be immersed in real-world ministry and teaching encounters in which you can put into practice everything you’re learning.

  • Comprehensive development in character, skills, and knowledge for effective ministry.
  • Life development and lifelong learning orientation.
  • Recognition of and participation in the centrality of the local church in the plan of God.
  • Ability to master biblical content, benefit from significant contributions of scholars, and build strategic models of ministry accordingly.

Proposed Course Schedule

Year 1

BIOS Fall Term BIOS Winter Term BIOS Spring Term
Foundations for Success Old Testament Survey New Testament Survey
Alliance Culture & Theological Distinctives Nations & Neighborhoods Holy Spirit Empowered Min
 Theology I Theology II Theology III
Ministry Practicum Orientation 102 Core Practicum 103

Year 2

BIOS Fall Term BIOS Winter Term BIOS Spring Term
Jesus of the Gospels BIOS Elective Bible Study Curriculum Writing
Interpreting the Bible Preaching in the 21st Century
 Theology IV Theology V Theology V Lab
 Core Practicum 201 Core Practicum 202 Core Practicum 203

Year 3

BIOS Fall Term BIOS Winter Term BIOS Spring Term
Evangelism and Discipleship Spiritual Formation & Emotionally Healthy Leaders Peacemaking
Customized Practicum 301 Customized Practicum 302 Customized Practicum 303

Year 4

BIOS Fall Term BIOS Winter Term BIOS Spring Term
Ethics in Ministry

Project Management

Special Topics in Biblical Studies Ministry Philosophy Development
Pastoral Residency 401 Pastoral Residency 402 Pastoral Residency 403